Values and vision

Our values relate to the way all people in our centre treat each other and what they aim to achieve for each other, the centre and for society as a whole.

We value:

  • Honesty trust and integrity.
  • Equal opportunities in a safe, secure, caring environment where everyone is welcome and the rights of the children, staff and parents are valued and respected equally.
  • A stimulating and challenging environment that promotes the learning and development of the whole child and where children’s achievements are celebrated and praised and promotes positive behaviour.
  • Our key worker system which promotes continuity, relationship building a familiar point of contact for parents
  • The commitment of management and staff to continual learning and developing along with a positive approach to new initiatives and strategies.
  • The participation of our parents which is valuable and beneficial to the life of the nursery and their children’s learning.
  • Working in partnership with the local authority, local Primary schools and other childcare centres and agencies.
  • Following best practice as indicated by the National Care Standards, Child at The Centre 2 and the SSSC Codes of Practice and as set out according to the UNCRC.


To become a centre of excellence where the principles of A Curriculum for Excellence and Pre-Birth to Three are clearly embedded and where a shared ownership between children, parents and staff ensure high quality leaning and teaching.
To apply the GIRFEC (Getting It Right for Every Child) approach to enable each child to become a Confident Individual, Effective Contributor, Responsible Citizen and Successful Learner
To work together with parents, children and staff to ensure continued progress and involvement through self evaluation of our provision.
To value all staff highly and ensure that every opportunity is given to each staff member to develop their personal skills and to broaden their knowledge and skills in caring for and educating your children.
Motivate and support staff in their learning and development.
Skilled experienced staff will in turn enable children to reach their full potential through achieving successful learning outcomes by exploring, investigating and discovering skills for life.
To continually assess the guidance available from all sources – particularly government departments and have best practice in all areas.
We will maintain our green flag status with an ethos that reflects the Eco codes.

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Sunflower Private Nursery, Beardmore Way, Clydebank G81 4HT, Tel: 0141 952 4415

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What parents say

Sunflower has a lovely welcoming atmosphere. It is obvious to us that a great deal of effort and commitment is involved in ensuring the children are valued and stimulated

I am thrilled that while my child attends nursery he has access to Spanish, sports and gym lessons at no extra charge

The staff and particularly my child’s keyworker are fantastic

Good continuity in the baby room, we feel confident when leaving our children. The service is superb and our children love attending

My child has turned into a confident happy and sociable little girl and we believe the nursery has contributed a lot to her progress. We would definitely recommend Sunflower nursery to family and friends

Care Commission

 The environment was stimulating and welcoming. Children freely took part in activities and chose from a wide variety of toys and equipment

 We found this service was performing to a very good standard

 Staff were committed to sharing children’s experiences with parents and provided

Childrens Art Gallery

 View the children´s creative art and design work