Fees, vouchers and tax credits

A deposit of £100 will be charged upon booking a place at nursery. This will be deducted from your last month’s fees providing written notice is given.

Keyworkers will work with parents and children to ensure a smooth start to nursery where your child will become familiar with staff, children and their new environment. During these sessions, you will have the opportunity to discuss your child’s individual needs and routines with their keyworker.

Monday to Friday

Full Time 7.30am – 6pm

Age 6 weeks to 2 years £190.00
Age 2 years to 3 years £180.00
Age 3 years to 5 years £170.00

Part Time  7.30am -1pm / 1pm -6pm
  Session Full day
Age 6 weeks to 2 years £22.50 £40.00
Age 2 years to 3 years £21.50 £38.00
Age 3 years to 5 years £20.50 £36.00

There is a 10% discount off fees for siblings. The nursery reserves the right to alter, vary charges from time to time.

Fees are due on the 28th of each month

Parents will be invoiced monthly in advance. Fees are payable by cash, cheque, debit cards or vouchers. Charges may apply for credit card transactions. Reductions will be made in case of long term illness.

Please note that fees must be paid on time or you run the risk of your child care place being suspended. You will not be allowed to enter a new month with any outstanding fees.

Partnership Nursery

Sunflower Nursery works in partnership wth West Dunbartonshire Council and provides subsidised places from age 3.

Child care vouchers

We accept all child care vouchers

Tax credits

Child tax credits offer additional support for families with children. Working tax credits offer financial support to low income families. Both credits are paid directly to the main carer.

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What parents say

Sunflower has a lovely welcoming atmosphere. It is obvious to us that a great deal of effort and commitment is involved in ensuring the children are valued and stimulated

I am thrilled that while my child attends nursery he has access to Spanish, sports and gym lessons at no extra charge

The staff and particularly my child’s keyworker are fantastic

Good continuity in the baby room, we feel confident when leaving our children. The service is superb and our children love attending

My child has turned into a confident happy and sociable little girl and we believe the nursery has contributed a lot to her progress. We would definitely recommend Sunflower nursery to family and friends

Care Commission

 The environment was stimulating and welcoming. Children freely took part in activities and chose from a wide variety of toys and equipment

 We found this service was performing to a very good standard

 Staff were committed to sharing children’s experiences with parents and provided

Childrens Art Gallery

 View the children´s creative art and design work